This is about you

You are awake.

You are alert and engaged enough to read this thing on a Monday, which you can chalk up as a victory. Even though this thing is in an email, which often feels like the opposite of a victory. Which is a loss. 

You think about the things you have lost, the things you have discarded, and the difference between the two.

You think about that place, and that person.

You think about time and distance. You wonder how twenty four hours can feel either so short or so long, depending, and how you're not sure why. You think about how many days you’ve spent on this earth, and wonder how many of those days you lived more than you existed.

You think about the list of things that you need to get done today, and the list of things that you want to get done.

You know you’ll probably do most things from the first list and one from the second, two if you’re lucky. But you’ll remind yourself that there’s always tomorrow, even though you know that’s not true.

You want to start Monday right for once and have a good and productive week, but you’re already feeling tired and deflated and beginning to wonder what the point of all this is anyway.

You are the point.

You are more loved, more special, and more appreciated than you will ever know or think or feel. Even if it feels weird to acknowledge that.

You feel weird.

You worry that your thoughts are too dark, or your personality is too bland, or your self as a whole is too something that it shouldn’t be. You should be whoever you are.

You like pizza and ice cream and wish you felt a little less alone sometimes.

You are not as weird as you think.

You are definitely not alone.

You should call your mom, if you have one, or imagine calling her if you don’t. You should listen more than you talk.

You should fall in love, or be in love, even if it’s only with yourself. Especially if it’s only with yourself.

You should eat a little better, exercise a little more, and drink plenty of water. You know hydration is important.

You should not take every piece of advice you’re given.

This is about you.

It is also about me.

This is just another Monday at the start of just another week.

We’re in this together.

lettersLee Crutchley