Quoteskine Volume 1

Awesome. Crap. Inspirational. Disrespectful. Crammed full of wit. Really a bit naff. Wonderful and charming. Looks like it was drawn by a 7 year old boy! Those are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Quoteskine. A project with the simple aim of drawing for the love of drawing. Using films, music, books and more as inspiration, Quoteskine hopes to reconnect the childhood love of drawing with the adult brain. So get lost for a minute in this grown up kids’ world. And remember what it was like to love drawing too.

“Kind of like Banksy with a sketchbook and some Sharpies. The Quoteskine project takes doodling to a whole new level.” – Sarah Baird

“Nice!” – Scroobius Pip

“Haha!” – Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura