The First Bad Book

This quote is from The First Bad Man by Miranda July. I really expected to love this book, but I genuinely hated it. It feels weird to say that out loud, because I love Miranda July, and almost everyone else did love this book. I also know that you’re supposed to keep quiet when you dislike something these days.

But this book was the worst thing I’ve read in a long time. It felt like everything I hate about the world right now had been wrapped up in a hardback novel, which I also hate. It felt weird for the sake of being weird, “shocking” for the sake of being shocking, and it was full of cold, flat, and uninteresting characters. That was the strangest part from me. One of the things I always loved about Miranda's writing is her ability to constantly create characters that feel human and real.

It was tough to even finish this book to be honest, it actually felt like hard work. There were a few funny or clever lines, but in general I hated it. I think that’s OK though, to hate something made by someone you love. In the same way that it’s OK to love something made by someone you hate. It doesn’t mean I suddenly hate Miranda July, and I’m not going to stop loving her other work. 

We're encouraged to forget that it’s OK to hate things still, and I was going to keep quiet about this book. But hate can be a good thing, and I think men are bad enough as it is, it’s better that I said something.