My favourite people on Instagram (Part 1)

Instagram is the only social network that I've (so far) never hated. I follow so many inspiring people on there whose pictures make me want to draw, or eat, or go on an adventure — here are a few of my favourites. There are still a ton of people I didn't fit into this post. So I'll do part 2, and 3, and more soon. If you have any favourites I should follow let me know.

Adam J. Kurtz : @adamjk

Bracket : @xbracket

Chris Piascik : @chrispiascik

Furry Little Peach : @furrylittlepeach

Geoff McFetridge : @mcfetridge

Jean Jullien : @jean_jullien

Jen Mussari : @jenmussari

Josh LaFayette : @joshlafayette

Julia Pott : @juliapott

Kathie Sever : @ftlonesome

Kelia Moniz : @keliamoniz

Lisa Currie : @scribblediary

Meera Lee Patel : @merelymeeralee

Mr. Frivolous : @mrfrivolous

Nicole Lavelle : @nicolecameraphone

Radeo : @ohnoradeo

Reema Ismail : @reemarismail

Steve Powers : @steveespopowers

Wasted Rita : @wastedrita

Yumi Sakugawa : @yumisakugawa

You can follow me too (although I'm not one of my favourites) : @leecrutchley