This is my new blog, which is part of my new website. Until today my website had been unchanged for almost 2 years, which is a new personal best for me. My previous personal best was 3 months. In the last 2 years my work focus has kind of shifted, or expanded at least, and it began to feel like I’d outgrown my website. I don't know if you can outgrow a website? That sounds weird.

But, in the those 2 years my second book was published, I got to work on a bunch of things I never expected to work on, and I recently signed a deal for my third book . . . thanks! that really is kind of you to say.

While I was writing those books (I’m still writing the third one) I found myself wanting to write more about the subjects I was researching, because only so many ideas and thoughts can actually make it into a book. There’s only so many pages and some things don’t really fit nicely into a book format either. So all of those ideas and thoughts are going to end up here.

I don't really have anything else to say right now, this has just been a boring (but necessary) introductory post which we can all forget about. I didn’t want to try and make this look less boring by adding some pictures just for the sake of it either.

But you can have a look at my artwork which is all pictures, or find out more about my books. I told you I made books right? Ok, cool. 

Well thanks for reading, come back soon.